Second Informational Meeting for Fall Registration

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Informational Meeting for High School and K-8th Grades

Come Join Us for Our Second Meet and Greet this Wednesday, June 11th from 1-2pm for K-8th Grade Students and 2-3pm for High School Students.

Many exciting opportunities are available through the Independent Learning Academy (ILA) program.   Our high school students just had the privilege of meeting internationally known business author and entrepreneur,  Michael Gerber, when he visited the members of the Junior Achievement Company Program class that met this past semester at ILA. Michael spoke with students for over an hour inspiring them and guiding them in his four business principles. He also gave them all a signed copy of his book, Awakening the Entrepreneur Within.  This fall at ILA we will be offering an Entrepreneur 1 class offered by B.E.E where students will be taken through the four business steps of how to create and build their own company.

In Addition to our Business and Career Development Classes We have Excellent High School Core and Elective Classes: 

  • Biology,      Chemistry, Physical Science
  • Algebra I &II
  • English
  • History 
  • Art and Theater 
  • Speech & Debate Teams
  • Computer Programming
  • All levels of Spanish and more.

All of our K-12th grade classes are engaging, interactive, academically motivating and taught by leading specialists in their fields of study. You can customize your own selection of classes  to fit and meet the needs of your students.

Come join us this Wednesday. We will hear from different specialists how to homeschool through high school. You will get to meet different teachers from our K-12 program and learn more about their engaging classes and how to register with ILA and select your classes. You can visit us at to learn more about our program and view our fall schedule!

The meeting will be held at our Coast Hills Community Church location at 5 Pursuit, Aliso Viejo.

Please enter in through the open doors on the side of the building in room 101.  The lobby is currently under construction, which will be completed by this July.

From the Independent Learning Academy
Sponsored by B.E.E

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