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I have two boys; a 4th grader and a 6th grader. The first day my kids and I walked onto the campus, I thought, this is it, we are home. All the nerves I felt, left. I appreciate the flexibility of schedule, the individual attention, and the education models I can provide for my different children. I feel like we’re part of a community full of warmth and kindness from the parents and teachers. The best part, I am back in the driver’s seat with my kids. For better (and worse sometimes), I know what my kids are doing, how they are showing up, what they are struggling with, and who they are. I didn’t have that in the public school model before.

Natalie, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Distance learning with a “social justice” slant quickly showed us that our public schools had finally failed our kids. Over the summer, my wife began attending home school meet-ups and conferences. We discovered ILA, signed up, and prayed that this would be an answer and it was everything we had hoped for. Not only are our girls thriving but we’ve met a community of like-minded people who honor God and fight for parental freedom. We commute weekly to San Diego while looking for a new home just so our kids can attend ILA.

Dylan, Carlsbad, CA

I had homeschooled my kids for 5 years before coming to ILA and had tried numerous co-ops and homeschool groups. It wasn’t until coming to ILA that I found a program that really fit my family’s needs while also providing a Christian community. My whole family loves ILA so, so much! It has been such a blessing to us and not only to us, but we have seen it bless others greatly- from teachers, to other families, to staff at the church we rent from. There is really no other program like it and no other homeschool community like it. Thank you ILA!

Jennifer, Carlsbad CA

3 years ago when we joined ILA we didn’t know what to think. We had heard good things so we joined. I’m happy we did. It’s been great for each of my 3 kids. We’ve been able to choose classes that fit them. We enjoy the Al a carte choices. English for this child or creative writing for that one. PE for this child or baking for that one. They are free to explore their gifts and talents. My children have learned such a variety of things while making friends and having supportive and loving adults around them. ILA has been a blessing for our family.

Stefani, San Juan Capistrano, CA

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