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The Immense Comfort and Blessing of the Body of Christ

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I have always appreciated the brothers and sisters in Christ whom the Lord has put in my life to encourage, guide and support me in times of need.  Recently this appreciation has been taken to a whole new meaning of understanding and appreciation and the significance of the Body of Christ as  we go through life together.  It’s a beautiful thing the Body of Christ. It’s God’s gift to have each other–each other to pray for, administer to, love on, encourage, support, pick one another up.

The imagery of a herd came to my mind the other day.  My daughter and I were encouraging a friend who had been isolating herself and not reaching out to those around her and the imagery of a herd of zebra fleeing from a pride of lions came to mind.  They always go after the one who is small, weak, sick or old, vulnerable.  The one whom they can get off by themselves for they know if they charge into the pack, they will be beaten and smashed by the trampling hooves.  The Body of Christ is that same formidable force of a charging herd, and we need to pray for and be in support of one another.  When we isolate ourselves from our network of support, prayers, and not being active in His word or fellowship with Him and others, we become like those lone zebras who have been pulled away from the safety of the herd and are vulnerable to be taken.

The verse that I am reminded of and keeps coming to me is in Galatians 6:10: “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

“Especially to those who belong to the family of believers,” really resonates with me, and I have been so blessed by my Body of Christ whom the Lord has put in my life throughout my walk with Him.  I have had friends actually lay prostrate at the altar in fervent prayer for healing for me from an accident I was in; a friend who would call every night for a month to pray over me along with my family at night for healing and restoration.

That same safety, security, fellowship and need for edification in the word of God is what drove the persecuted Christians to draw a fish in the sand signaling a clandestine meeting.  It’s what led men and women behind the Iron Curtain to leave their farmhouses and illuminate a field with tiny flickers of light from  their lanterns as they ventured out risking arrest and imprisonment if caught while meeting together while listening to the message of hope brought to them by Brother Andrew.

I love the Body of Christ whom the Lord has blessed me with starting with my husband and children, my extended family, friends all over the country and continents, my church home,  friends right here in my community, and the families here at our academy home.  How beautiful is this Body of Christ and it blesses me and will bless you.

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