Things to know before registering

Parent Commitment

We are so happy that you are considering our Independent Learning Academy program for your family. We are a very special homeschool program and community made up of ILA team members, families, students, and teachers. We all come together and work shoulder-to-shoulder to bring the best educational program to our students. We consider you, the parent, the salt of our program.  For this reason, we require every family to serve. There are no exceptions. Every family serves 12 required volunteer hours. Whether you’re a single mom or working parent, everyone serves in the many different roles or activities that are available within our volunteer/monitoring program.  

No Refund Policy

ILA is a ministry to the homeschooling community, and we operate on an annual ministry budget determined by that year’s funding. Our student registration fees are non-refundable regardless if you should move or choose a different program after registering. We make our budget for the next academic year early on in the registration process determining budgets, compensation, and student scholarships for the next academic semester.  Please choose our ILA program and your child’s classes with planning and deliberation. Our teachers are available for any questions that you may have regarding their classes, and our ILA team members and New Family Coordinators are available through our web contact form to ask questions and to schedule calls with them. 


New family orientation is an essential requirement to joining our ILA program and community. We understand that families join our ILA program having come from other homeschool programs or traditional schooling. We want the best experience as you join our program and community. Everyone within our program plays an important role in making our program the exceptional one that it is. We also have important guidelines that help our program to flourish and to keep our students, families, team members, and teachers safe and thriving.  We will schedule a virtual orientation at the beginning of each semester that each new family is required to attend. For those families who join afterward, we ask that you fully view the orientation zoom recording. We will also be sending each new family a welcome email and attachment with our Parent/Student Handbook for you to read and share with your children. Our directors will go over this handbook during orientation, so please have it accessible during your orientation time. 

Terms of Agreement

During your online registration time, you will be asked to sign our Terms of Agreement which confirms your understanding and acceptance of the information that we have stated above. You will also be signing an electronic Medical Liability Waiver and a Covid-19 Release Form. You will also have the opportunity to add additional family members to your account to receive our weekly newsletter, which keeps you informed about campus events and important weekly updates. 

 We are so excited to have you become part of our very special ILA community. Please do not hesitate to contact our New Family Coordinators or prospective teachers with any questions that you may have. We look forward to meeting you! 

 Welcome to ILA!