Dear New Registering Families,

Thank you so much for visiting us this year at ILA. We have a new Tuesday/Thursday and Friday 7-12th grade elective program that is completely open for you to join. Our current Monday/Wednesday program is very full, and we are directing new families to our T/TH K-8 program and Friday 7-12th grade elective program. We are only recommending our M/W program to those families who have high school students and would like to put the rest of their children in the spaces available for K-8. You can view the full, almost full, and open classes on our ILA website under ILA Fall Schedule to see class availability: — Full classes are in red, almost full in yellow, and open are in white.

Our new registration HUB called Love My Groups has just prepared a short video to walk you through the new family registration. We have also bullet pointed the steps in this video but please watch the video first and then refer to the bullet point list for guidance not instruction. The video will instruct you how to register in the new registration HUB. Next year for new families we will be able to offer a pre-registration but that functionality is not available for this registration. Again, we have brand new T/TH program that is wide open with plenty of room for new families. High school students and families please remember to sign up for M/W program and any waitlist for High School students as will try to run additional classes. For all other K-8th grade M/W please try to only select classes that have openings as we have moved most of our waitlist students already into the classes.

How to Prepare for ILA’s New Family Registration

  • Organizational ID to be entered at the time shown on the video is: ilaocca
  • Create your student’s schedule and note the time of the class because when you go to select the class on the registration HUB, you will locate the classes by the times that they are listed.
  • High School families Go to the ILA Orange County Schedule for M/W to see what classes are still available. As stated above, HS students and families should sign up for M/W. High school students CAN go onto waitlists. K-8th grade siblings should ONLY sign up for classes with availability and NOT go onto waitlists since we have already added the majority of CURRENT families into those classes and there WILL NOT be much movement off those waitlists. Thank you!

Video and Bullet Point List of How to Use the New Registration HUB

  • Watch 10 minute Instructional Registration Video: (This Video is filmed with the ILA Carlsbad Page but the Registration is the same way for ILA Orange County).
  • Create an Account
  • Verify Account—after you create an account, you’ll get an email to click on which will bring you to the login page
  • Enter Username and Password
  • Organizational ID When they Ask You to Input it is: ilaocca
  • Sign Terms of Agreement
  • Select Your Program: M/W, T/TH, Friday
  • Pay Your Registration Fee
  • Click on “Pick My Class”
  • After Selecting Classes Click on “Family Report” for your records


If you should have any technical difficulty during your registration time, please email Love My Groups IT person, Seth Lowrey, at, and cc me at

Thank you so much again for visiting us this year. We are so happy to have you join us! After you register, teachers will be contacting you. Please feel free to email your teachers directly about specific questions about your classes.

Welcome to ILA!