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Class Time Teacher Grade Room
Woodworking/Furniture Building 8:30-9:30 Todd Nash 1-12 Outdoor
Lego Engineering 8:30-9:30 Play-Well TEKnologies K-5 Lions
Parcore/Breakdancing 8:30-9:30 Blessed Feet K-5 Sanctuary
Study Hall 8:30-9:30 Study Hall K-12 Lobby
Fundamentals of Sports PE 9:40-10:40 Todd Nash K-12 Outdoor
LEGO Robotics using EV3 System 9:40-10:40 Play-Well TEKnologies 3-6 Lions
Ballet/Jazz/Creative Movement 9:40-10:40 Blessed Feet K-5 Sanctuary
Parcore/Breakdancing 9:40-10:10 Blessed Feet 4-12 Turtles
Study Hall 9:40-10:40 Study Hall K-12 Lobby
Biology 10:00-11:40 Pam Savage 9-10 Sharks
Study Hall 10:10-11:40 Study Hall K-12 Lobby
Mixed Media Art 10:50-11:50 Creative Creatures K-6 Turtles
Mr. Joe’s Chess 10:50-11:50 Mr. Joe K-12 K-3 Playground
Study Hall 10:50-11:50 Study Hall K-12 Lobby
Lunch 11:40/50-12:50
Fine Art Class 1:00-2:00 Creative Creatures 4-8 Turtles
Archery 1:00-2:00 Archery Champs K-12 Outside
Study Hall 1:00-2:00 Study Hall K-12 Lobby
Archery 2:10-3:10 Archery Champs K-12 Outside
Music Theory & ILA Band 2:10-3:10 Matt Savina K-12 Sharks