Description and Terms of Agreement

Please read the following before you register. Part I explains and provides the steps to register and Part II explains the requirements and additional information about our program.

Part I:
When registering for classes please review our current schedule of classes on our ILA website. You can click on each teacher’s name on the schedule to see their respective teacher bio, course descriptions, times of class offering, and cost of class.

After deciding which classes you would like to register for please continue on this page and check the appropriate boxes below. After checking the boxes and clicking on the registration button, you will be taken to our ClassTrack online registration where you will pay your $145 annual family registration fee and $10/student fee. After you pay for your campus registration fees you’ll be able to register.

Part II.
In order to register for classes please read and agree to all of the following points and mark your consent at the bottom.

Independent Learning Academy is a school ministry to the homeschooling community. We are a part of Next Generation Ministries which is a non-profit organization that was created to raise up and equip the next generation to fulfill all of their God-given purposes. We function as a Private School Satellite Program (PSP) that allows both charter, non-charter, and other PSP programs to take classes at our two day a week homeschooling campus. Enrollment into our own PSP is a separate application and has a separate application fee than the one on this website. Registering on this website and paying the homeschool program fee is for our classes only. It does not enroll you in our PSP.

ILA team members work together to schedule excellent academic core and elective classes for grades K-12. We take time to discuss and plan courses and classes that help our students grow and develop throughout their educational years with us. We build community around our classes with monthly chapel, recess, field trips, campus social functions and events, mom’s bible study, assemblies, and other outreaches.

Families are required to participate in our 12 hours per family per 16 week semester monitoring program. There are no exceptions to this. Younger children are welcomed to accompany their parent during this time and high school students can help fulfill and serve these hours, too, with certain positions that are available. Families have the option to choose from the following monitoring positions: Front desk, hallway, study hall, teacher helper, recess, room set up, or event coordinator positions. We utilize an online volunteer spot system to coordinate, organize, and oversee our monitoring program. Prior to the start of first semester, you will be sent a link to log into and sign up for your required 12 hours of monitoring.

In addition to our required monitoring hours, we have a $145/family and a $10/registration fee, which is non-refundable, unless you are unable to find availability in any of the classes that you desire. Thursday, August 30th, is our mandatory Back to School Orientation Meeting. We will contact you over the summer when our Medical Release Form and Parent/Student handbook are ready for you to print off and bring to this mandatory meeting. Please check the following boxes that you have read the above information and that you understand and will adhere and abide by these requirements of our homeschooling program.

Thank you for choosing our program! We look forward to meeting you and having you and your family join our dynamic learning community!

Please check the following boxes that you have read the above information and that you understand and will adhere and abide by these requirements of our homeschooling program.

I will fulfill my mandatory 12 hour monitoring shift.
My ILA student and I will attend the mandatory orientation meeting on Thursday, August 30th, from 9-11:30am.
I acknowledge that my registration fee of $145 and the $10/student fee is non-refundable unless I am unable to find availability in the classes I desire.